Intradata's long and successful history of service provision has exposed us to a wide & complex range of businesses, systems environments and projects.

We draw on this experience to provide practical, common-sense and friendly consulting services, whether it be for feasibility work, vendor or product selection and implementation management, business process consulting, or any other area of large enterprise IT.

The common thread to Intradata's consulting activity is our focus on real world solutions for our customers. From small scale consultancies over a few days through to recurring consulting activity spread out over years, the common thread is the provision of cost effective and expert advice to help improve our customers' businesses.

Business Process & Systems Consulting

While Intradata is an excellent provider of IT technical solutions, we recognise that technology is only part of the IT equation. We understand that long before a technical solution is considered, underlying business processes need to be effective and in tune with a businesses' goals. Our Business Process & Systems Consulting services are focused in this non-technical space, to provide our customers with expertise that can assist business outcomes independent of technical considerations.

Intradata's Business Process & Systems Consulting services include:

  • - Business process analysis and documentation.
  • - Gap analysis and requirements identification.
  • - Business process design and re-engineering, process change management.
  • - Business systems architecture and strategic planning.

In the event that these consulting services flow over into the technical solutions space, Intradata is ready to offer flow on services as appropriate e.g. development or integration services, assistance with identifying a package solution, etc.

Supplier Management

Management of suppliers represents a major challenge in today's complex IT world. Businesses are faced with a multitude of technical and commercial offerings, and successful outcomes are often difficult to achieve. Effective Supplier Management can be the critical difference between success and failure.

Intradata address this space through the provision of tailored consultancy services which draw on our experience in multi-supplier, multi-technology, large enterprise environments. These services are tailored to supplement our customers' internal capabilities, providing independent advice and expertise to help manage other suppliers with confidence.

Intradata's Supplier Management consulting services include:

  • - Project feasibility, requirements and planning services for projects involving other suppliers.
  • - Marketplace assessment to identify options for suppliers and solutions.
  • - Management of EoI / RFI / tender processes for the acquisition of IT systems and/or services.
  • - Independent review of supplier proposals.
  • - Independent project and service supervision for other suppliers.